Meet The Team

We are marketing people with creative minds.

Rohan Ravindran


“Mr. Steal your girl”

Mythili T D


“The previous quote is a lie”

Jobin Jayan

Creative Director - Production

“ 24fps is better than 60fps. Change my mind. Or not.”

Sanchita Singh

Project Manager

“Roses are red. Violets are blue. You better approve my posts or I’ll kill you.”

Soumya Hegde

Head of social media design

“Yeah! I'm the only sane one here”

Shwetha Talreja

Project manager

"This is funny because all I do is play around with words, and I can't think of a single phrase right now."

Aarthi Mathivanan

Social Media Strategist

“People think I’m an introvert, but they don’t know it’s just one of my seven other personalities.”

Himani Rana

Social Media Strategist

“ Who am I? That’s a secret.”

Shreyans Jain

Social Media Strategist

“ Lol, don't waste your time reading this because I got nothing. Scroll down!”


Lead generation specialist

“ I’m so cool that even ice cubes are jealous. ”

Prakhar Sharma

Head of Content

" I love to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Sometimes literally."

Tabina Zainab VR

Content Writer

“Writing and dreaming about a night on Mars!”

Avani Jain

Social media strategist

“I’m not an extrovert but I definitely am an extra-vert!”


Social Media Strategist

“I'm just a curious cat pretending to be human.”

Priyanka S Magar

Social Media Strategist

“Sorry but my dogs decide my weekend plans.”

Monika Naskar

Social Media Strategist

“I would rather live in my fictional world than meeting people irl! “

Arpita Mishra

Social Media Strategist

“To quote my favourite line Have courage and be kind”.

Parshwanath Bage

Social Media Strategist

“Call me serial chiller, cause I chill harder than you party!”

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